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OWLS Hosting and Support Service

Would you love to try OWLS and use it in your classrooms but have neither the time, skills, or infrastructure to install and host the scripts?

The Fool's Workshop will be offering commercial hosting and support of OWLS beginning in February of 2003, offering:

- Installation of OWLS scripts
- Hosting of OWLS on a fast and stable web server
- 100 Megabytes of space for all your exercises and media content (optional expansion of space)

- Support for all your OWLS questions and issues via email
- Monthly backups of OWLS data
- Discount for individual accounts for those who share their content with others

The OWLS scripts require a web server with support for PHP, and installation of the scripts may require a little bit of setup. Since the scripts were designed to free language instructors from the investment of time required to learn web design and other skills necessary to host interactive content, these same instructors may not like the prospect of having to install the scripts and be left to fend for themselves when they run into trouble.

Email if you are interested. The price is very competitive, even considering only hosting, and instructors may host both OWLS and other educational content in their allocated space.


Individual Single Account
$30 setup/configuration fee
$25 monthly hosting and support fee

Individual Open Content Single Account (See Notes)
$30 setup/configuration fee
$20 monthly hosting and support fee

Department Package (up to 5 accounts or 500 Megabytes)
$30 setup/configuration +$10 per account
$100 monthly hosting and support fee (Saves $25 per month)

Department Package (up to 10 accounts or 1 Gigabyte)
$30 setup/configuration +$10 per account
$190 monthly hosting and support fee (Saves $60 per month)


-The first payment includes only a setup fee and one month of hosting. Cancellation in the first 30 days will result in reimbursement of the first month of hosting but not setup costs.
-After the first month, payments will be for hosting quarterly (every three months). Cancellation during this period will not result in a refund for remaining time during that quarter.
-Each account gets 100 Megabytes of space, and its own set of scripts for OWLS or web content. Bandwidth is not fixed and reasonable usage is unmetered.
-No illegal or adult content may be hosted and abuse of OWLS hosting can result in closing of the account with no reimbursement for the remaining time in the pay period.
-FTP access is provided for department package accounts for backup purposes and the upload of additional static content. Eventually this service may be provided to single accounts as well.
-Email support will be provided within 24 hours of request for help.
-Backups of data will be made monthly.
-Those who release their OWLS content (except for sound files) under the Open Content license will receive the discount if they purchase individual accounts. The Fool's Workshop will collect Open Content and offer a central searchable database of such materials for everyone to benefit from.

-If you are interested in virtual hosting (using your own domain name) please indicate this as the service may be available.
-If a departmental package is purchased but not all accounts are used, unused space (100 MB per account) will be distributed amont the remaining accounts and the department may add the additional accounts at any time.


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Updated: January 19, 2003
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