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Category Archives: RubyCocoa

Browser Tutorial #1: Creating a Simple Web Browser in RubyCocoa

The Webkit framework has made it ridiculously easy to create a browser as part of any OS X application and there are tutorials all over the web to show how this can be done in Cocoa applications. For the basics, it doesn’t require any code at all, so it comes as no surprise that this [...]

Adding a Check Updates Feature for RubyCocoa and MacRuby

Do you want to have a nice “Check for Updates…” feature in your new application without having to code it yourself? The Sparkle module provides a wonderful and free way of implementing this in your application.
This tutorial is essentially a modified version of the tutorial I created for using the Sparkle updates module on my [...]

Translation of Satoshi Nakagawa’s RubyCocoa Tutorials

Satoshi Nakagawa, a contributor to RubyCocoa’s development and the creator of the IRC chat client LimeChat has some great resources online that can help with learning RubyCocoa. They are mostly in Japanese so there are many who won’t be able to benefit from them.
I especially liked some really clear and simple tutorials for RubyCocoa [...]

New Ruby and Cocoa Google Group

There is a good mailing list out there for RubyCocoa and a development mailing list for MacRuby.
In order to create an online forum for discussing development with Ruby and Cocoa I created a new Google Group where people working with MacRuby, RubyCocoa, or RubyObjC can gather to discuss Ruby and Cocoa development issues:
Ruby and Cocoa [...]