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Blue ShoeboxWelcome to our online archive of over two hundred letters, cards, songs, poems, and other documents. Kept for many years in a large shoebox, transcribed and then translated, this site brings its contents to the world of historians, researchers, students, and interested visitors who wish to explore the lives and society surrounding a family of Norwegians and Norwegian-Americans from 1911-1956.

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2011.5.28 - We have been able to contact surviving relatives of the letter writers and secure their permission to make this letter collection public. It will no longer be password protected.
2010.1.1 - Added 'Places' index and Google Maps interface; geocoded frequently mentioned locations.
2010.12.31 - Completed the addition of letters. Added sortable index for all items in the collection. Added 'Corrections and Suggestions' script interface for all items.
2010.12.29 - Replaced navigation bar with variety of sorting options for better discovery.
2010.12.26 - All letters up to 1945 have been added and tagged. Created site logo.

Our deepest thanks to Terry Wilson and Cathy Walker.
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