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The internet is a wonderful resource for language learners. For students of the Japanese language in particulary, the internet is a home to many useful applications and countless web pages that can help them with the challenges they face in their study. Kanji, or Chinese characters, are of course, one of the biggest obstacles to mastery of the written Japanese language.

This web site is one of many which takes advantage of the wonderful KANJIDIC dictionary database created by Jim Breen and copyrighted by a group at Monash University to give students another way to supplement their study of these beautiful but difficult characters. Anyone really interested in kanji study and in getting far more information about each character should look into the database or see the links page for some other great web sites related to Kanji and their study.

Thanks to the work of , around 2000 or so of the most frequently used Kanji with their pronunciations and approximate meanings have been assembled from KANJIDIC and divided up into 107 "lessons". These may be viewed and reviewed directly through this site. The most frequently used characters may be found in lesson 1 and so on for each lesson on.

Flashcard Review

This site allows direct review of the Kanji via the JavaScript powered flashcard feature. See the help page for more information on using this feature. The script, JSFlash, was written by myself, and is available for download and use under the open-source GPL license. The script is also a central component of the OWLS software, which allows instructors to create glossaries and flashcards for their own students.

You may have trouble using the flashcard feature if you do not have a recent browser which fully supports Javascript 1.2 and recent specifications of the Cascading Style Sheet standards. A real effort has been made to make sure the script functions with recent browsers of many flavors for both the Macintosh, and those other computers.


The rather silly name of this site is merely a play on the Chinese character for symbol or character, "Ji" which makes up the latter half of the word "Kanji", and the casual word for old man or grandfather: "Jii-chan".

My thanks to Sam Dutton for his help, to Jim Breen for his wonderful work, and to Sayaka Chatani for her ideas and support.

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