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Set Library

Creating sets for study for any flashcard program or multimedia language software is no different, really, than making any kind of database. It consists of time-consuming and often boring data entry. Why not share some of the sets, word lists, and lessons that you have created for your own study? See below for information on submitting sets and word lists for posting on this page. You do not have to be a Flashcard Wizard user to submit or use these sets! All students are encouraged to benefit from these sets!

The sets/lists below are all available as tab-delimited text files which can be imported into a large variety of database and flashcard applications for Macintosh or PC. Click on the Flashcard Wizard icon to download the Flashcard Wizard file, or the text file icon to download the text file. Flashcard Wizard files are compressed as sit.hqx files and must be expanded by Stuffit 5.0 or greater. The text files are all in .zip format and may be expanded by almost any compression program (including Stuffit 5.0 or greater).


Submitted Sets:

Name # Fields # Entries FcW Text Submitted By
Roman Emperor Reigns 2 86 Fool's Workshop
Vi Editor Commands 2 80 Fool's Workshop
Politics (Japanese) 3 50 Fool's Workshop
Spanish Sets (Updated!) 2 29 Sets Stacey Boyle

Please submit sets! Help make this is a useful source for students everywhere!

Four example sets included with the Flashcard Wizard download:

Name # Fields # Entries FcW Text Submitted By
GRE Words 2 5 Fool's Workshop
Perl Functions 2 5 Fool's Workshop
Chinese Proverbs 2 5 Fool's Workshop
Japanese Kotowaza 3 5 Fool's Workshop

Submitting Sets

This page will host any and all submitted Flashcard Wizard sets or any other tab or comma delimited lists of information for study in any academic or professional field. Lists of words or grammatical patterns for language study, historical fact lists, scientific equation lists, trivia: these are just a few examples of what you can submit.

E-mail your Flashcard Wizard set or tab/comma delimited text file as an attachment to the Fool's Workshop and I will post it here on the condition that it does not contain copyrighted material. If you have comments or a small text file you would like to add to your set, include it as well and I'll include it in the compressed version of your set/list that goes online here.

If users ever find copyrighted material amongst these sets or even suspect there might be copyrighted material please report it and the set will be removed immediately from this page.

If you send me a Flashcard Wizard file, you are encouraged to include a signature for the file. You may add a signature to a Flashcard Wizard file by choosing "About this set..." from the "Set" menu. I will convert all Flashcard Wizard files submitted to tab-delimited lists so that both a Flaschard Wizard file and a text file are posted on this site. This way non-Flashcard Wizard users may also benefit from your sets and use them in their favorite Mac or PC flashcard programs.

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Updated: February 2, 2002
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