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Flashcard Wizard 1.2

Platform: Macintosh and PowerPC Macintosh
Requirements: OS 7.5 or greater, at least 5 MB memory
Cost: Freeware
Size: About 4.2 MB uncompressed.

Flashcard Wizard is a powerful flashcard study environment. Besides the ability to practice flashcards with 2 or 3 fields of information, these fields may include pictures and non-roman text for language study. Flashcard Wizard's most unique and useful functions, however, come from its "Interval Study" features. Interval study helps you in review of your material by choosing only those words for review which are likely to be soon forgotten.

Flaschard Wizard's features don't end with Interval Study. For advanced users, there are over 100 preferences to customize your study environment's look and feel. Flexible printing functions and user registration, statistics, and management functions are also included. You may also import and export files from/to over a dozen formats.

Flashcard Wizard is freeware. If you find it useful and wish to support further development of the project and the hosting of this and other projects at this site, please consider making a donation.

Download - Download the newest version of Flashcard Wizard

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Online Help - Need help with using the program? The Flashcard Wizard help files are available online.

FAQ - View answers to frequently asked questions about Flashcard Wizard.
Screenshots - See some screenshots of Flashcard Wizard in action.
Next Release Info - See information about features planned for future releases.
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Flashcard Wizard Forum - Discuss all things related to computer flashcard study, flashcard techniques, and interval study.

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