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The Development of this Weblog

I changed the name of this weblog from “Fool’s Applescript Workshop” to simply “The AppleScript Studio Workshop” since I have decided to welcome other skilled AppleScript Studio coders in the scripting community to join as contributors to this weblog. The majority of postings on this weblog will try to stick closely to the following guidelines:

1) To post relatively short but lucid explanations of how to solve practical problems a developer might face in creating an AppleScript Studio application, especially if one is a beginner and not that familiar with XCode, Cocoa classes, or even the AppleScript language.

2) Whenever possible, these explanations should be accompanied by a snippet of well-commented sample code, and if the posting author’s time allows, a sample XCode project which demonstrates the solution.

3) Whenever possible, links to forum/list postings, tutorials, Apple documentation, etc. which provide the same/similar or completely different solutions to similar problems should be provided so there are other sources the beginner can turn to if they need more information.

4) Any original content created for postings be Creative Commons
licensed so it may be shared and spread easily among interested parties.

One Comment

  1. Max wrote:

    Hey K,

    I didn’t know that your welcoming other people to write some tutorials or tips for the blog. I’ve got two ideas for further articles on how to do things with AppleScript. One idea was a simple tutorial explaining how to search and replace any file. That may be a bit AppleScript without Studio oriented – but I think it’s one of those things where I looked ages on Google.
    The second idea I had was something very simple and really beginner like creating a textfield with a button and when the button is clicked, the computer speaks the contents of the textfield. It’s simple – but can get people started into AppleScript.

    Max (the guy from the Sparkle article)

    Saturday, August 16, 2008 at 9:47 am | Permalink