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Fool's Lexicon Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I search for words and get results but all the Chinese and Japanese is garbled nonsense.

    In order to display Japnaese and Chinese text you must have their language kits installed. These must be purchased or installed (they come with OS 9). See the next question for more information.

  2. I own OS 9 but I don't have any language kits installed, what do I do to install the language kits in order to use some or all of Fool's Lexicon searching features?

    The Language kits are included as an option on the OS installation CD which came with your computer or with your purchase of OS 9. To install the language kits:
    1. Insert the CD, double click "Mac OS Install".
    2. Press "Contintue"
    3. Select your hard disk and press "Select"
    4. Press "Add/Remove"
    5. In the list that appears, scroll down to "Language Kits" and activate the check mark next to it.
    6. In the popup menu to the right of "Language Kits" select "Customized Installation"
    7. Choose the language kits you wish to install. In order to use all three dictionaries in Fool's Lexicon you will need Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.
    8. Press the "OK" button
    9. Press the "Start" button.
    10. After installation is complete restart your machine. The language kits will be visible in the flag menu in the top right of your screen.
    11. If you are often using traditional Chinese, consider using the Hanyin input methods popular in Taiwan. See more here at Yale University's FAQ

  3. When I look up words in Japanese or Chinese, even very simply words, I get 0 entries in reply.

    Only Partial Word searches currently work with Chinese and Japanese text. I will try to work around this problem in future releases. Do a "Partial Word" search instead of "Whole Word" or "Whole Term" searches.


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