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Fool's Workshop News

June 28th - Progress is coming along with the 1.0 shareware edition of Flashcard Wizard. I will limit the number of new features in order to have a stable 1.0 release where I try to fix current bugs. Printing features added.

May 10th - Flashcard Wizard 0.95 has been released and is available for immediate download. See the version history page for more information. Lots of new features.

April 19th - I have done quite a bit of work on Flashcard Wizard the last few weeks. Some bugs have been fixed, new features added. I hope to get the list review mode working and will then release version 0.95.

April 5th - Flashcard Wizard has been chosen for inclusion at! Give Flashcard Wizard a supportive vote and it may win a "Golden Award". Also, the Flashcard Wizard and Pinyin Font Converter forums are now online.

April 1st - Released Pinyin Font Converter 1.5. See the version history page for more info on the update.

March 28th - Flashcard Wizard 0.93 is released for download. This version contains many bug fixes, as well as new features such as set signatures, the ability to save in over a dozen formats, and new set tools. See the version history page for a full list of features and fixes.

March 26th - Version 0.93 is almost complete. The next few days I will be testing the various features and bug fixes as well as updating the help files. I will then release 0.93 online.

March 15th - Planned to release the 0.93 version of Flashcard Wizard today but I have found many new bugs thanks to input from users. Also, I still haven't gotten the Interval Study features to work smoothly. The release is thus delayed and I don't want to offer a date yet.

March 6th - Released Pinyin Font Converter 1.0. Information added about Pinyin fonts for Macintosh and PC computers. The Pinyin Font Converter is a utility for converting texts between various popular pinyin fonts.

Feb 20th - Released Flashcard Wizard 0.92. Added new mirrors.

Feb 16th - Flashcard Wizard 0.91 update. Flashcard Wizard receives 5 Cows rating from the TUCOWS Network! See the FW awards page.

Feb 14th - FLASHCARD WIZARD RELEASED. I will release the 0.9 beta for download today. Please send in bug reports and suggestions!

Feb 8th - I have been debugging Flashcard Wizard ever since the domain started working. However, I'm also bogged down doing Lawson family tech support. Looks like the release might not be until February 12th if things go smoothly with the rest.

Feb 3rd - The domain finally started working after problems with internic. The beta version of Flashcard Wizard is only a few days work away from completion and posting on this site. Also working on help files.

Jan 30th - I'm still working on the fundamentals of this page, getting the links, CGI, and SSI all up and running. Won't be any real content for a week or two. Although there is nothing to search yet, the guestbook and search engine are functioning.

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Updated: August 12, 2000
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