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Bug Report for 1.0
Bug Report for 0.95


Flashcard Wizard Awards and Reviews


Chosen for inclusion at Simplythebest Shareware site (Flashcard Wizard was not submitted for review)

If you like Flashcard Wizard and would like to vote for it, click below. With a certain number of votes, Flashcard Wizard can be eligible for a "Gold Award." (Please, one vote per person).

TUKIDS 5 Cows (out of 5) - 16/2/00

"...Upon review of your program Flashcard Wizard we have decided to add it to
our site with the rating of 5 cows. This puts you in with the elite (in
our opinion) of educational and children related software..."

TUCOWS Network 4 Cows (out of 5)

Comments about Flashcard Wizard from Users (Not Including Bug Reports)

Received After 0.95 Release:

  • "Not yet ready for prime time.

    Your program may, in fact, be better than I realize; but you have not not made clear to the user how to access any of the features, even the simple act of using the demonstration sets as flashcards. Your GRE sample contains notable spelling errors: anathema and disconsolate are misspelled. The Chinese sample must require a font that is not available. It comes out as gibberish. You say that the program now supports graphics in the first field, but there is no indication of HOW to use them.

    Your idea is intriguing, and I hope you can come up with a more useful version. Please bear in mind that in addition to writing an effective program, you must make it accessible to potential users. People who are very adept at using computers can always build their own flashcards if tweaking yours turns out to be a major project. Others will just give up.

    I hope to find a new version in July. I will now delete this one."

This user, Louise Cole, is quoted on the condition I stress the fact he likes the concept behind Flashcard Wizard. I contacted him and directed him to various help files offline and offline. Also, because Louise took the time to point out Flashcard Wizard is not very intuitive and easy to use, major changes are being made to make the application more user-friendly in the next release with more access to help throughout the program. I encourage others to contact me in the way Mr. Cole did, only by receiving such messages can I make Flashcard Wizard into a better application.

Received Before 0.95:

  • "I like the look of the program. The metallic background is nice. It reminds
    me of signs in London. Every building or park or whatever has a sign that
    tells you what you can do there or who works there. They often have the
    same metallic look and I've always regarded it very precise."
  • "It's a nice program. Keep working on it. Small is beautiful. You don't need
    so many features if the ones you have are working properly."
  • "Preparing the flashcards takes a long time. My wife said 'impressive',
    because nothing happened for a long time. Then she went to sleep."
  • "[Flashcard Wizard] is very decent. I'm looking forward to future releases."


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Updated: August 30, 2000
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