Frequently Asked Questions
  1. I'm overwhelmed with the number of menu items, features, and preferences. What different sources of help are there for Flashcard Wizard?
  2. When I print a set which has pictures in it, all I get is "Picture: <filename>" for the first field. Why is this?
  3. I have entered some rather long words or phrases into my Flashcard Wizard set. These do not display completely during flashcard study or in the Edit Set window. How do I view all of the entry?
  4. Why does Flashcard Wizard take a long time to change fonts?
  5. I downloaded Flashcard Wizard and while I the .sit.hqx file is decoded Stuffit Expander will not decompress the .sit file. Why will it not compress?
  6. Why are the flashcards slow on my computer even though my computer is fairly new and powerful?
  7. Why do the fonts change in the "Add Entry" window and why does the keyboard layout for my chosen language not get selected or get selected in the wrong fields?
  8. I have the newest version of Flashcard Wizard, but my old files don't work with Interval Study? Didn't you fix Interval Study errors?
  9. Why, during Interval Flashcard Study, do many of the entries not appear in the correct font or language script?

Many of the features concerning sets are customizable by changing various preferences. See the help file on Customizing Flashcard Wizard for more information.

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