Flashcard Wizard Help

Because of its flexible and customizable nature, Flashcard Wizard might be a touch confusing to a new user. Consult these pages for detailed explanations of Flashcard Wizard's features:

Installation and Crash-Course - For those who hate manuals.
An Introduction to Interval Study - What is different about Flashcard Wizard?

Managing Sets - Help with the various set features.
Managing Users - Help with the various user features.
Flashcard Study - Help with flashcard study.
Multimedia - Help with using multimedia elements in sets.
Interval Flashcard Study - Help with the Interval Study features.

Menu Reference - Detailed reference information of all menu commands.
Shortcuts - List of all shortcut keys and tricks in FW.
Customizing Flashcard Wizard - Help with Preferences.

Reference Help by Window:

Add Entries Window
Edit Set Window
Flashcard Window
User Sets Window
Frequently Asked Questions:
If the answers to your questions are not found in these help pages, feel free to send an email. If you discover a bug or get an error message, please report the bug!

Use the "Online Bug Report" and "Online Update Info" features in the Apple menu of Flashcard Wizard to download information about any bugs found in your version of Flashcard Wizard and information about the most current update available online.