Installation and Crash-Course

After decompressing the file as downloaded from the net, Flashcard Wizard is immediately available for use. Simply put it in any folder you choose and run the program. When you open the program, you have a dizzying array of features you may take advantage of. However, most of the time you will be either reviewing sets or doing interval review. For the quick "I-hate-manuals" guide to this read on. The most common use of this program are making and reviewing sets by flashcards and for the powerful Interval Review study method incorporating a study method I have called TTF Scheduling or Interval Study:

  1. If you have no Sets, create one or import one with "New Set..." or "Import Set..." from the "File" menu. Otherwise open it with the "Open Set..." command from the "File" menu. Kanji in Context users may wish to see the KIC page available online with info for export and import from the KIC application.
  2. Once open, you may add new cards or entries to the set by selected "Add Cards..." from the "Set" menu. If you have a set which contains multiple fonts and multiple languages, you admittedly may find it faster and easier to enter your set into a normal word processor and then importing it.
  3. You may view the set as a list by choosing "View as List" from the "Set" menu. You may edit the set's properties by choosing "Set Properties..." from the "Set" menu.
  4. You may review your set by choosing "Flashcards" from the "Set" menu.
  5. Click on the card to card to show the answer, and click again if you knew the answer and answered it correctly. Note: flashcard mode does not prompt you to enter in your answer, just like flashcards in real life, you should bet honest with yourself in deciding whether an entry is solidly remembered or not. If you press the "Wrong" button, the flashcard will be marked wrong and it will be repeated after you complete all the flashcards. You may also use any of the keyboard shortcuts as determined in the preferences.
  1. Load your user file by choosing "Load User..." from the "User" menu. If you do not have a user make a new user by choosing "New User..." from the "User" menu. See the section on New Users for more info on how to make a new user and add sets to it.
  2. Choose "Interval Flashcards" from the "User" menu. It will search all user files for words to study and, if it exceeds the maximum daily amount to study as determind by the preferences, you will have the option of filtering words out (again depending on how you set the preferences). After you have filtered enough words, or overrided the maximum, press "Proceed" and interval study will commence in flashcard mode.

Notes on Flashcard Wizard Files

Now for a little more detailed (and boring) discussion of what comes with the program for your reference. The Flashcard Wizard application has a number of files and file types that it manipulates:

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