The Flashcard Window

The flashcard window becomes visible when you activate flashcard study from the "Set" menu, when you start interval study, or if you have chosen to begin flashcard study whenever a set is opened (an option in the preferences). The flashcard window can take various forms depending on the preferences, and the visibility of some buttons and functionality of many features also depend on what features you have activated in the preferences. The size of the window and the fonts sizes displayed are controlled in the Flashcard preferences.

Summary of Window Features: The flashcard window contains the fields to display entries as they are flashed, and may include a range of buttons and statistics for the user to view as they study. If visible, you may click on the "Mark" button to mark certain entries to save in a seperate set later, press the "Wrong" button to mark a entry wrong, press the "Advance" button or "Show All Fields" to either show the remaining fields or indicate that you know the entry and wish to proceed to the next entry. You may also click on the body of the flashcard to get the same result. Press the "Back" button to go back an entry (statistics are not reset, and this is not available for interval study). Press the "Edit" button to jump to the "Add Entries Window" for immediate editing of the flashed entry. If visible, you may toggle the default visibility of the fields by clicking on the check box associated with the field. There are a host of keyboard shortcuts for flashcard study, some of which may be changed in the preferences.

Each of the features of the window are described in more detail below, many of these features are contingent on the fact they have been activated in the preferences:

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