Multimedia in Flashcard Wizard Sets

This version of Flashcard Wizard allows for the inclusion of GIF, JPG, or PICT files in the first field of sets. These pictures are stored external to the actual sets, meaning the pictures are not saved inside the actual set file. Instead, when pictures are included in Flashcard Wizard, it creates a folder in the same folder as the set file to save a copy of the chosen pictures. It then saves the file name of these pictures in the first field of the entry after the word "Picture:" Whenever the flashcard engine or list window encounters the word "Picture:" it looks for a file by the name following that word in the multimedia folder for the set file.

The advantage to keeping pictures external in their own folder is that Flaschard Wizard sets will remain plain text files which are small and portable. If the files contained pictures imbedded in them, the change would mean that all sets would become binary files which are larger and more complicated to deal with. The disadvantage with external pictures is that the loading time for large files is slow, especially if little memory has been given Flashcard Wizard.

Using pictures in sets is not at all complicated, and there is no reason to understand the process by which Flashcard Wizard saves the data. When adding entries to a set, should you wish to include a picture in the first field, simply click on the small picture icon to the right of the first field in the "Add Entry" window. Then select the file you wish to include, and Flashcard Wizard will automatically make a copy of this picture and save it along with the set.

When you conduct flaschard study, depending on the settings in the "Multimedia" preferences panel, the pictures will either be imbedded into the flashcard window or displayed seperately in the "Picture" window with "See Picture" written in the first field of the flashcard.

The way multimedia is handled by Flashcard Wizard is customizable by changing some of the 11 preferences in the "Multimedia" preferences panel. See the help file on Customizing Flashcard Wizard for more information.

Would you like Flashcard Wizard to add support for sound files and quicktime movies? This is possible future feature, if you would like to see this added to Flashcard Wizard, send a note to and mention that you would like this feature added.

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