The User Sets Window

The user sets window is a central location for controlling user sets and their use in interval study. It allows you to modify the properties for multiple sets at once, view and change interval study statistics, add and delete user sets, sort them, and remove duplicates.

Summary of Window Features: The list to the left in this window shows all the current user sets for the open user. It shows various statistics for each of them. You may open these user sets by double-clicking on the set or clicking the "Open Set" button below. You may use "Add Set" button to add a single set or "Add Folder" to add all the sets in a folder (make sure the folder contains only Flashcard Wizard sets as a precaution). Click on a set or sets in the list and then "Delete Set" or "Set Properties" to do so for each of the sets selected. Click on the "Sort" button to sort the sets in the list by alphabetical order. If your user file is damaged or you have damaged or missing files in your user set folder, you can use the "Rescan Folder" to find the sets again, but this will remove some of the statistics saved in the user file. Clicking on the "Set Status" button will open a new window which allows you to change the interval study stages, days until review, and reset interval study statistics. Remove Duplicates will remove duplicates from multiple user files.

Each of the features of the window are described in more detail below:

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