Interval Flashcard Study

What makes Flashcard Wizard unique is its use of Interval Study. Users register themselves in Flashcard Wizard, add a list of sets and then review these sets through the "Interval Flashcards..." item in the "User" menu. Flashcard Wizard then searches each of the user sets for entries which need to be reviewed according to the user's TTF schedule or the TTF schedule of that specific set if it has its own. While it is searching the user will see a progress bar and the number of entries found.

If the number of entries that Flashcard Wizard finds is less than the maximum set in the Interval Study Preferences it will proceed directly to flashcard study of these entries. However, if they exceed the maximum Flashcard Wizard will either randomly choose entries for you to study or you may use the Entry Filter. How Flashcard Wizard behaves is in part determined by the preferences.

Once entries have been selected for review the Flashcard study begins. See the section on Flashcard Study for more information on the features available. The only Flashcard features not available during interval study are the "Edit" and "Back" features. The "Edit" feature will be added in a later release. Flashcard Wizard records information about your answers as you study but in this beta release does so only the first cycle through. Entries you answer correctly will be moved one step forward in the TTF schedule while entries your register incorrect will be moved back a number of stages determined by the preferences.

The Entry Filter

If the number of entries you need to review exceed the maximum set by the preferences, you may filter out entries by using one of the six filters provided by the Entry Filter window. You can also use multiple filters and add entries randomly.

When the Entry Filter window opens, you will see the six filters to the left along with the number of entries that are not yet included in Interval Study for this session. As you adjust the filters and find words you want to include, press the arrow button next to the filter to add the words to the list of words you wish to study. When you have chosen the entries you wish to review, press the "Proceed" button to the right. You may fill out the maximum by asking Flashcard Wizard to randomly choose entires for the remainder.

The six filters are:

  1. The first filter searches for entries that have been marked incorect a certain number of times indicated by the pop up menu.
  2. The second filter searches for entries that have been marked incorrect after the 3rd TTF stage. This is one way of finding persistently stubborn entries.
  3. The third filter searchers for entries that have reached or passed a certain TTF stage.
  4. The fourth filter searches for entries that have not reached or passed a certain TTF stage.
  5. The fifth filter searches for entries that are answered on average in or more than a certain number of seconds. This is another way to find stubborn entries that you have difficulty in remembering.
  6. The last filter finds words with a certain comment attached to it.

If the number of entries that you are filtering number several thousand, Flashcard Wizard may take some time to filter. You may cancel filtering by holding down the command key and pressing period. If you have multiple filters on, and you add a group of entries to the list of entries to be reviewed, you can have Flashcard Wizard update the list of filtered words by pressing the "Update All" button.

The "Remaining Random" button at the right will randomly choose entries to add. This is useful if the words you have filtered out are not enough. You can also press this button to eliminate entries randomly if you have chosen too many words.

At any time, should you decide to start over, you may return all the chosen entries to the pool of entries not selected for review by pushing the "Return All" button. You may also click "Include All" to override the maximum and include all the entries found for study.

When you have chosen the entries you wish to review press the "Proceed" button to begin interval study.

To keep track of your entries, their TTF stages, and the number of entries that need to be reviewed in the coming days, you may use Flashcard Wizard's various user features. See the help file on users for more information.

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