Adding and Deleting Workshops 1.0

Programmers familiar with the PHP language or educators who have access to workshops created by PHP programmers can use the Manage Workshop feature accessible from the Preferences page to add, edit, and delete workshops included with the OWLS software.

This feature does not physically add or delete files to the OWLS software, but rather changes the list of workshops and information about them which the OWLS scripts use to determine what workshops are available for use.

The OWLS software keeps track of a few pieces of information needed to correctly display a list of exercises and files on its various pages:

Workshop Title - The title of the workshop determines how it is named on various pages in the site.

Workshop File - This is the primary file which will be used to create new exercises and delete old files. If a new workshop is created or added, this file should be available in the workshop folder of the OWLS site and should be a .php file. Of course a script may call other scripts, but this should be the initial script file for the workshop.

Workshop Directory - This is the name of the directory in which the workshop keeps its exercises or files. When the above mentioned workshop file creates new exercises, it should create all its files in the workshop directory, a directory which should exist at the root directory of the OWLS software and which requires write access by the web server (or everyone) so that files may be added.

Extension - This is the type of file created by the exercise. For example if static web pages are created by the workshop, ".html" is appropriate. If php scripts are generated then enter ".php" In some cases, there is nothing more than a text file ".txt" generated by the script. In this case, an index.php file within the workshop directory (see above) will need to process the text to create the appropriate output (for example, the glossary workshop works in this manner). If this is the case, place a check mark on the option labelled, "Links by querying 'index.php?file='" so that OWLS knows to put this in ever link to a file of that workshop. Finally the extension will be hidden from users when they view the list on the exercises page or when viewing the workshop file.

Making changes to a workshop requires that the password be entered. If you delete a workshop, you must enter the password twice to confirm before clicking on the "Delete Workshop" button.

When a new workshop has been created, it must then be activated on the preferences page for it to appear. See more information in the workshops.txt document.

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Last Updated: October 28, 2002