Welcome to OWLS Workshop for Language Study

OWLS is a set of PHP scripts which work together to create an interactive website for language learning. This open source project was created as a means for instructors of language to create simple online content for presentation to their students as well as interactive exercises for their students to practice. Once installed, OWLS has two interfaces. The first, primary, interface allows students to access:

The other side of OWLS is the home of the "workshops" where instructors can easily build the exercises, readings, upload content and create the list of links described above. Each of these tasks is done through a single workshop, such as a "multiple-choice workshop" or a "glossary workshop" and so on. Each of these workshops have certain standard features:

Once installed, a student needs only open the link to the location of the OWLS software, (for example: www.university.edu/owls/) in order to access the available materials. In order to add and delete materials, instructors need only access the workshops by going to the workshop folder (for example: www.university.edu/workshop/). The help files provide more detail on issues regarding the installation, use, and customization of the OWLS software, including answers to frequently asked questions.

More help on:

Installation of OWLS

Word-Matching Workshop
Tone-Review Workshop
Multiple-Choice Workshop
Glossary Workshop
Media Workshop
Reading Workshop
Link Workshop

Preferences and Customizing OWLS
Adding or Deleting Workshops

Backing Up Materials

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

OWLS is a free open-source project created by Konrad Mitchell Lawson
Visit the OWLS homepage for more information.

Last Updated: October 28, 2002