The Link Workshop 1.0

The link workshop manages a list of links on the link page.

To create links for the link page:

  1. For each link, enter the text of the link in the left field. This is the text which describes or is the "title" that is linked to. For example "OWLS University" Press "enter" or "return" to begin the next link.
  2. In the center field, for each link, enter the URL address for the web page linked to. For example "" Press "enter" or "return" to begin the next link.
  3. In the third field to the right, enter adescription of the web page being linked to. For example "This is the home page for the OWLS unversity". Press "enter" or "return" to begin the next link.

Things to watch out for:

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Last Updated: November 2, 2002