The Reading Workshop 1.0

The reading workshop allows the uploading of reading passages for students. In addition, the workshop allows the optional attachment of a picture and other workshop files such as a multiple choice exercise or a glossary.

To create a reading:

  1. Enter a title for the reading in the space provided.
  2. Enter a file name for the reading you are creating.
  3. Enter an optional comment describing the contents of the reading. This will be displayed above the reading itself.
  4. If you wish to include a .jpg or .gif image above the reading, press the "Browse" button and locate a file on your hard drive to upload for the reading. There is a maximum upload size of 50KB so make sure to compress your picture or reduce its size appropriately before uploading it to the OWLS site.
  5. Type or paste in the body of the reading into the section labelled "reading passage"
  6. If active, other workshops may appear below the form for the body of the reading. For example, a list of glossaries, or currently available multiple choice quizes may be available for attachment. If such exercises and glossaries have been added before hand, simply choose the appropriate glossary, media, or excersise you wish to add to the reading.
  7. Enter the password for the site and click on the button labelled "Create New Page"

To delete a reading:

  1. A list of currently available readings is displayed to the right in the workshop.
  2. For each file you wish to delete, click in the check box next to the appropriate file.
  3. Enter the password in the bottom field and then press "Delete Page"

Things to watch out for:

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Last Updated: October 28, 2002