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Pinyin Font Converter Help

Pinyin Font Converter is a very simple utility for converting texts (currently only up to 32k in size for conversions in the field, but no size restrictions for file converstions other than memory) between some of the popular Pinyin fonts available online.

You may convert texts in two ways. You can convert text which is in the main field by pressing the "Convert Field" button. To convert a whole file (size only limited by available memory) press the "Convert File..." button and choose a file to convert. Unlike file conversion, however, conversions in the field can be undoed from the "Edit" menu.

To get text into the program so that you may use the "Convert Field" button you may either copy the text and open Pinyin Font Converter so that it is automatically pasted into the field. A second method is to drag and drop text into the field from other documents. A third way to get text into the program is to choose "Open..." from the "File" menu and choose a text file to put into the main field.

Once text in the main field of Pinyin Font Converter has been converted and you are satisfied with the result, either drag and drop the text elsewhere or choose "Save..." from the "File" menu.

You may adjust the size and font of text in the main field of Pinyin Font Converter by choosing the desired font and size from their respective menus.

If you still have trouble using Pinyin Font Converter, do not hesitate to send your question to the Fool's Workshop at: If you discover any bugs in this program, especially if you find problems with the conversion of text between fonts, please send your bug report to

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