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Owl's Workshop for Language Study

Platform: Web; PHP4
PHP4 Web Host
Freeware; Open Source

The Owl's Den
OWLS Hosting and Support Service

OWLS is a web-based environment for instructors of language to easily create exercises, readings, glossaries, and present media for their students. Once installed on a web server that supports PHP, instructors can create materials or upload media for presentation to their students through a simple form based interface.

The OWLS software is now ready for download. Please note that for at least a month or two email support for this project will be limited due to current my lack of internet access. Please expect some delays in responses to your questions.

If you are interested in OWLS but do not have the skills, time, or infrastructure to support it, The Fool's Workshop will be offering a commercial hosting and support service beginning in January 2003. For details and pricing see the OWLS Hosting page.

OWLS is free. If you find it useful and wish to support further development of the project and the hosting of this and other projects at this site, please consider making a donation.

Download OWLS - Download a zipped version of the OWLS PHP scripts for use on your server.

The Owl's Den - While the scripts are free and open source, The Owl's Den provides a commercial hosting and support service for educators who want to be able to use the software.

Online Help - You may access the OWLS documentation online. This is also included in the download.
FAQ - Read about frequently asked questions about the use and installation of OWLS.

SourceForge - is kindly hosting the development of this open-source project.
SourceForge OWLS Project - This is the SourceForge summary page for the OWLS project.

Online Demo - See an online demo of the OWLS software
Online Demo Instructor View - See an online demo of the OWLS software, password=owls

Developers Forum - Developers who wish to contribute to the development of the project can post messages at this SourceForge forum.
Help Forum - Post questions and get help from other users at thisSourceForge forum.
Open Discussion Forum
- This forum is available for open discussion about OWLS, desired features, related technology, and techniques for using the scripts.


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