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Fool's Lexicon 1.1

Platform: Macintosh and PowerPC Macintosh
Requirements: OS 7.5 or greater, at least 5 MB memory
Cost: Freeware and Open Source (Source and Project File Available on Source Page)
Size: About 6.4 MB uncompressed with dictionary files included.

Fool's Lexicon is a simple client for the EDICT Japanese dictionary and the CEDICT Chinese dictionaries created by Jim Breen and Paul Denisowski, respectively. These dictionaries may be freely downloaded and used on a variety of platforms. For more information about EDICT and CEDICT, see the help files accompanying this application or their respective homepages listed below.

The EDICT and CEDICT files from April, 2001 are included in the download of this application. These are not owned, created, or expanded by The Fool's Workshop. They are distributed according to their own licenses which I recommend all users inspect. See the links to these license files below.

Fool's Lexicon is a completely free application, created with REALBasic¨. It is also open source under the GNU license. The original source code is available in various formats, including an uncompiled project file. Feel free to modify, improve, and redistribute this application but bear in mind that the dictionaries themselves are governed by a seperate license which deserve attention. Also, read the GNU license carefully as you must pass on all of the freedoms you benefit from to the users of your own modified application.

If you find Fool's Lexicon useful and wish to support further development of the project and the hosting of this and other projects at this site, please consider making a donation.

Download - Download Fool's Lexicon for 68k and PowerPC Macs with dictionary files.
Mac OS X (Carbon) Download - Download Fool's Lexicon for Mac OS X (untested) with dictionary files.

EDICT Homepage - Learn more about the EDICT dictionary project and download the newest files.
EDICT License/Documentation - The EDICT dictionary file which accompanies Fool's Lexicon available under these terms.
CEDICT Homepage - Learn more about the CEDICT dictionary project and download the newest files.

CEDICT License/Documentation - The CEDICT dictionary file is availabel under these terms.

Screenshots - See screenshots of Fool's Lexicon.
Version History - See a history of the changes and bug fixes to Fool's Lexicon.
FAQ - Consult the frequently asked questions if the Fool's Lexicon help files don't help.

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