We are happy to announce that we have completed the adding of the 248 items to this online archive from the Stjørdal-South Dakota collection. The vast majority of these consist of letters sent from Stjørdal, Trondheim, and Narvik to John Holm and Alma C. Wilson in South Dakota from 1911-1956.

Visitors to this online archive will find a number of ways to explore this archive. We recommend you read our short essay about the collection, and some may find the quickest way to dive in is by looking at the list of tags (grouped by frequency or alphabetically) we have added to the letters of various people, places, and topics which appear in the letters.

Visitors can browse forward or backward in time through the collection, consult a reference page about the people mentioned in the collection or a map of places frequently mentioned in the letters. Finally, there is a full and sortable index of the documents in the collection available.

We welcome corrections to the translations provided, or other suggestions regarding the items in the archive. Every item in the collection contains a link at the bottom to a tagged contact form.

- Konrad and Siri Lawson, 2010.12.31