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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Ebbinghaus Review

I came across Ebbinghaus, an OS X flashcard application written by Christian Kienle, when I read comments here and there from fans of the software. Most of them seem to enjoy its simple support for images. It enjoys an interface that will be at home to any mac user, and indicates the “progress” of learning […]

Anki Review

Anki is an open source flashcard application with full support for interval study that is available for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. Anki ain’t pretty but it has a lot going for it under the lid, offering language learners a powerful environment for reviewing large bodies of vocabulary over the long-term. Other flashcard application […]

Upcoming Reviews

Some of the OS X applications I’m hoping to post reviews of in the coming weeks: Anki, Ebbinghaus, Mental Case, Genius, iFlash, ProVoc, Flash Cards, Mindburn, Mnemosyne, and Studycard Studio. I may eventually move to online flashcard services if I can cover these major offerings.

New Flashcard Application Review Blog

Welcome to Fool’s Flashcard Review. Ever since I designed a flashcard application for Mac OS in 1999 I have hosted some reviews here at Fool’s Workshop of other software that can be found on the web. I have long since given up on my own flashcard software project and now depend on solutions created by […]