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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Flip Fixation Flaw

I’ve decided to coin a new term to describe an issue I see in many flashcard applications and web sites. I have argued with developers over email and in comments about this issue but it is one I feel strongly about: A flashcard application is said to be guilty of the Flip Fixation Flaw when […]

FlashcardDb Review

FlashcardDb is one of the growing number of online flashcard review sites that allow you to review online and share flashcards with others. The site offers full data portability and support for both a static time-to-forget “Leitner” form of interval study as well as an interval study approach similar to that provided by Supermemo, Anki, […]

Cramberry Review

If Flashcard Exchange (see my review here) is ugly but offers (at least to its $20 one-time fee premium users) access to interval study and export features as well as a huge database of cards, Cramberry seems to be the attractive new kid in town. Several people have contacted me asking me to post a […]

Flashcard Exchange Review

Now, let us take a look at some of the major offerings out there beginning with the most famous of flashcard websites: Flashcard Exchange Data Portability: None for free users. Export of flashcards allowed with one-time fee of $20 or for owners of the Mental Case iPhone application. Interval Study: None for free users. Spaced […]

Online Flashcard Websites – Introduction

There are a growing number of ways to practice flashcards online. In the next posting and possible more posts in the future, I will give very short reviews of some of the online solutions out there. First, however, let is list a few of the things I suggest students look for when they consider various […]

Facts and Cards in Flashcard Study

The vast majority of flashcard applications use cards as the fundamental unit of knowledge. If they record the user’s performance with a given flashcard in, say, the graded slideshow method, it is usually recorded for the card irrespective of the direction of study for that card. If the flashcard application uses a form of spaced […]