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Chinese Flashcards iPhone/iPod Review

Chinese Flashcards is an iPhone/iPod application created by the developers at The interface is extremely straightforward and simple, allowing students of Chinese to review some 2700 most frequently used Chinese characters in either their simplified or traditional form going from the character to its English approximate meaning and pinyin with tone marks. The application […]

iFlipr Review

iFlipr is one of the leading general purpose flashcard applications for iPhone/iPod which offers interval study and the recommended graded slideshow approach. I see great potential for this application. The clean and powerful web counterpart, in particular, is impressive, and the web centered approach may indicated a general direction for applications in the future. My […]

Review Update: Mental Case

In this posting I offer some more comments on the desktop version of Mental Case for OS X following up on my review of the iPhone/iPod version of the application yesterday and an earlier review of Mental Case 1.2.2. The desktop version of Mental Case is now strengthened by the ability to synch with its […]

Mental Case iPhone/iPod Review

In May, 2008 I posted a review of Mental Case 1.2.2, an OS X flashcard application. While praising it for its design, excellent support for interval study and study on demand in its graded slideshow approach, coming from the perspective of students engaged in intensive language study I offered some criticism for its lack of […]

iCards Review

iCards is a flashcard application for the iPhone and iPod touch that offers the graded slideshow method of study. It offers the ability to study with cards in random order, add and edit cards in a set, and supports three fields per cards which is useful for many language learners. The installation of iCards comes […]

Kanji Flip Review

Kanji Flip is a powerful flashcard application targeted for students of Japanese Kanji. Using the graded slideshow approach offers an excellent interval study implementation that will serve even the worst of memories well. The developer, Andre Khromov, also offers a range of other applications based on the same basic features, including applications focused on Japanese […]

Kanji Review

Kanji is a Japanese language flashcard application for the iPhone and iPod touch that offers the graded slideshow method of study. It offers the ability to study with cards in random order and create custom lists of Japanese kanji to study from. Many of the kanji cards provided by the application come with a selection […]

Mental Case Review

Mental Case is a beautifully designed new commercial offering in the flashcard software world from Drew McCormack that will cost you about $40. It offers excellent support for interval study, graded slideshows for both study on demand and interval study as well as convenient set management. While some of its features need further development, this […]

Mindburn Review

One of the more unusual offerings out there in the memory management software genre is Mindburn, which advertises itself as a personal knowledge system. As such, it is not strictly a flashcard application, but serves many of the same functions and this review evaluates it, perhaps somewhat unfairly, in comparison to other flashcard applications. The […]